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The Alchemist Book Summary

The alchemist written by Paulo Coelho, this book has been translated into more than 70 languages and more than 65 million copies have been sold worldwide this book provides the wisdom of listening to our hearts and following our dreams.

About the Book – The Alchemist

This book is about a Spanish boy named Santiago his parents wanted him to become a priest.  The boy had studied Latin Spanish and theology but his desire is to travel to far places to find a hidden treasure hidden in Egyptian pyramids and to meet a merchant’s daughter that he has seen in dreams based on their financial condition his father told that only shepherds are the ones with such financial conditions who can travel.

 So the boy decided to be a shepherd he used to move too far places with his herd of sheep having a book with him which he used to exchange with another once completed reading he wanted every day to live out his dream he believed that sheep need only food and water but man can follow his dreams wandering in distant places.  He had even slept in a ruined church with his flock of sheep at the night he wanted to know the meaning of this dream so he reached a gypsy old lady to interpret the dream the lady told him with a promise of giving one-tenth of the treasure that he must go to the pyramids as there would be a treasure as he has seen in the dreams he went to the market to buy something exchanged his book with a thicker one.

 And was reading it on a bench when an old man named Malaki’s deck came to him he claimed to be the king of Salem the boy was avoiding this old man until the old man proposed a deal to give his one-tenth of sheep in return he would tell him how to find the hidden treasure he even knew about the pastor of the boy name of his parents this shocked the boy and he was now, interested to talk to him he told how people don’t want to follow their dreams the old man give his Wisdom, guys, whatever you do when you really want something, it is your mission on earth because you have a desire in the spirit of the universe and the whole world helps you achieve it when you want something

   Granny gave Baker’s example in that market to travel when he was a child but he decided to first earn some money Even though he has earned money, many people are capable of doing the things they desire. Next day for his proposal next day the boy sold all his sheep except six those he gave to the old man and from the balance money he bought a ticket to go to Africa the old man gave him the advice to follow the omens and gave him two precious stones to the boy, the boy reached tangier and is eager to reach pyramids he is sitting in a bar finding everything quite different even language he got in contact with a boy there who agreed to take him to pyramids in the name of taking care of money he left him in the crowd of the market now the boy is weeping as he has nothing left except those two stones and faith the boy wandering in the new place reached a shop with a crystal merchant at the top of a hill and offered cleaning of the crystals in return for food while cleaning the merchant got customers thinking it a good omen he took the boy for food.

Understanding the Alchemist

 And offered him job in his shop boy agreed to work whole day and night and asked for enough money that he could visit Egypt the next day after understanding the distance to Egypt boy got depressed and now wanted to collect money to buy sheep and to be a shepherd again it’s been a month the boy is working at the shop the merchant has observed increase in his selling the boy is also getting enough money now the boy proposed to make a display of the crystals to attract more customers to the hill the merchant who is not much comfortable with the change agreed for the display and their business improved further the boy had started earning enough money and expected to again make his flock in next six months and can get it double in less than a year this he had done without any investment he was thinking maybe it was the treasure he was looking for next boy proposes to sell tea in crystal glasses as there is nothing available to drink there at the top of the hill to this also merchant agreed and the result was more increase in sale of crystals along with tea

 It’s been 11 months and nine days since the boy has put his first step on the African continent he had earned enough money and now the boy is ready to leave to go back to Spain and again be a shepherd he has left that merchant and is sitting in the bar in which he came earlier when he came to Africa finding the two stones in his bag that the old man had given him the boy is again thinking to go for his dream to visit the pyramids as he can be shepherd later also so he went to crystal merchant supplier who transports crystals by the means of the caravan that crossed the desert there another Englishman wanted to cross the desert to meet an alchemist who lives there luckily they got the caravan and started the journey to cross the desert.

 The Englishman got friendly with the boy after some talking that Englishman has been studying about an alchemist and wanted to learn from him how to convert lead into gold after some journey they reached an oasis where the alchemist lives this day was extended their due to some tribal wars in the desert the boy got friendly with the camel driver who used to tell him a lot about the desert

Dream of Treasure.

 While at the oasis this boy met a girl named Fatima the boy immediately fall in love with her and proposed to her the very next day for him the girl itself was the treasure the girl also accepted her proposal as since child she had dreamed that the desert would bring her a gift for her this boy was the gift the boy shared about his past and his dream of treasure.

 The girl tell him to go and fulfill his dream and she would be waiting for him at the oasis that time the boy saw a vision of the oasis getting attacked by the tribes he informed the camel driver who suggested telling this to the chief of the tribes after the boy told this to the chief believed and told his people to be alert for any possible attack as per that tradition no one attacks.

 Oasis but based on the vision they got alert after he came back from chief the alchemist came to test the courage of the boy on a horse with a sword the boy showed his courage the alchemist told him to meet him the next day. As per vision tribal attacked the oasis but lost as they were already alert being happy with this chief presented him with 50 pieces of gold and asked him to become the councilor of the oasis. The boy went to see the alchemist he asked about following his dream to the pyramids the boy was now not that much interested in the treasure because he found the girl and he was afraid if he will return to the girl if you go to the pyramids the alchemist told him how the omens would stop favoring him if he didn’t follow now.  

Journey to Desert

The boy agreed and the alchemist agreed to be his guide to the pyramids they started their journey through the desert with the alchemist giving his words of wisdom to the boy throughout the journey on the way due to tribal war they were stopped near a camp considering them as spies the alchemist told the chief that the boy is an alchemist and can turn into the wind.

 But need three days to prove that also to save them the alchemist gave all the gold the boy had to the chief gave them three days as he want to see the boy turning into wind otherwise he would kill the boy the boy went up the cliff on the second day meditating there. On Thursday chief with some senior leaders went to the cliff to see the boy

 Turning into the wind the boys started talking to the dessert wind sun and at last, the hand that created the universe during his conversation the wind blew at such a pace that the camp tents were almost uprooted from their ground support the chief believed in the man let them go even he provided escort company to them after going some more distance they told.

 The escort to go back and they reached a monastery there the alchemist turned lead into gold and break it into four pieces one he gave to a monk for his generosity towards travelers second he gave to the boy for his journey third piece he kept for himself and fourth he gave to the monk to give to the boy while returning if required.

The Alchemist

Alchemist suggestion to the boy

From there the alchemist came back and told the boy to continue his journey to the pyramids which were just a few hours away and keep following the omens the boy reached the pyramids and knelt down with gratitude eyes filled with tears seeing the omens he started digging at a place where his tears were falling while digging he found some tribal people around him

 Inquired about him they took the gold piece that the alchemist had given him beat him to almost unconscious the boy told about his dream of treasure they laughed at him and while returning their leader told that it is being stupid to follow such dreams as he also got a dream of treasuring a ruined church in Spain this church was same where the boy had rested for a night with his flock of sheep.

 The boy understood where the treasure is while returning from the pyramids the monk of the monastery seeing his torn clothes gave him the fourth part of the gold he reached the church and started digging and found a chest of gold coins he got his treasure and now he was going to give one-tenth to the gypsy lady whom he had promised and bring his love, Fatima, from the oasis.

 Here finishes the story now let’s have a look at the lessons with phrases that this book wants to teach us

  1. Fear is more than an obstacle. Tell your heart that fear of suffering is greater than the suffering itself. It is impossible to believe that any heart has ever suffered from going in search of its dreams. Every second of that search is a second with God and with Him.
  2. Eternity. The pursuit of a new goal requires you to explore unknown territory. It’s scary, but the rewards you get from pursuing your dreams will be worth it. Only the truths will last. The pure matter that is not contaminated by other things will last forever. One can always return to what you found, even if it was just a moment of light.
  3. You would not find anything on your return like the explosion of a star. The truth cannot be concealed behind smoke and mirrors. It will always be there when you are searching for the right choice. Three people are able to break the monotony of their daily lives each day by failing to see the good things that could happen in their lives. Every day the sun rises. It is a reminder to be grateful and to look for the good in everything. It’s easy not to see the present, but it is possible to live in the past.
  4. To be always happy, enjoy the present moment. It isn’t worth dwelling on the future or letting it define you. Instead, try to be present in each moment. You will make a big difference in your own lives.
  5. Everything around you becomes better. You see the fabric as a web of evolution, growth, and change. A ripple effect can be created by becoming a better version of yourself and others around you. This will positively impact your personal life, those you love, your friends, and your entire community.
  6. Be realistic. It is not what happens in the real world that I envision.
  7. It’s possible to make a difference if you accept the world as is.
  8. The key to your life is to fall seven more times and then get up eight additional times. Your eighth chance could lead to your breakthrough. Many of the most important novels in history were published after being rejected hundreds of times.
  9. People are focused only on your success. People get angry when they don’t find what is best for them. All seem to have the same idea of how others should live their life, but they don’t necessarily share theirs. It’s easy to let others influence you but it will make you miserable. There’s nothing wrong with learning from others.

Make sure the book aligns with your passions and desires.

These are things worth considering.

  1. It’s the possibility that a dream can come true that makes life exciting.
  2. Everyone seems to have a clear vision of how others should live their lives, but not about their own. 3. People are capable of achieving what they want at any point in their lives.
  3. Most basic things can also be the most amazing things, and only the wise can see them
  4. If you start promising something you don’t have yet, you’ll lose the desire to work towards it
  5. Our lives can get chaotic, and it is easy to lose control of the events.
  6. Your eyes are eight times more powerful than your soul. It’s known as the principle of favorability.
  7. It is almost impossible to lose beginners’ luck playing cards when you first start to play.
  8. There is a force in your life that wants to help you realize your destiny. It gives you a taste of success 10. Every search ends in the victorious being tested
  9. Understanding that our life stories are important to us.

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