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Attitude is Everything Book Summary

The Books “Attitude is Everything” is written by the author Jeff Keller. The Author is a motivational speaker and also a Life coach. The author Jeff Keller explains in the book how the 3 powerful steps Think, Speak and Act will bring out the potential in you. He also applied the said strategies in his life and got success not only in his professional life but also in his personal life.

And these strategies have power to completely change your life. Whatever way you’re feeling positive or negative currently the book can help all of us. You can change your negative attitude to positive by applying this principles in your life. If you become positive then the success is not far, you will explore the possibilities and will reach your goal.

Success begins in the mind.

William James says that, humans can alter their lives simply by changing their mind set. Author of the book, Jeff Keller, was a professional lawyer. Then he decided to be a motivational speaking expert. It was the most challenging moment of his life.  But he learnt the most in this time period. He says that if you make a stand in your daily life, you must to confront a variety of issues. You have to face whether people will approve your decision or not. But you have to learn to Let Go, because, sometimes in life, to jump higher, you may have to take two steps back. Jeff became a big lawyer after practicing law for 10 years.

And later, to become a motivational speaker, he had to let go his already set career, income, everything. The decision was not so easy for him. He always abided by the words from Jack Brown Jr., “Never underestimate your power to change yourself.”  A Positive attitude is a passport for your better tomorrow. Our attitude is like a window through which we see the entire world, therefore we need to keep this window clean.

Positive and Negative Attitude

William shares an example of two people here: Sara and Sam. Sara and Sam, during their lunch break, used to have lunch in the same coffee shop at the same time. Both of them will eat their meals simultaneously. Both are getting served very well, but still, both are very different. Sara enters the coffee shop smiling, her attitude, posture, and body language are very positive.

 Sara had lunch very well, talked to the waitress very well, and happily returned to her work. On the other hand, Sam entered the coffee shop angrily. His body language, posture, and attitude are very negative. When the waitress didn’t take his order on time, he started to shout at her. He got angry about not getting the food served on time. He had a complaint about not getting the food and bill on time. Sara and Sam had different experiences in the same shop. Both received the same treatment, but Sara looks at the world with a positive attitude,

 And Sam looks at the world with a negative attitude. Some distinctions between negative and positive attitudes.  Positives think “I can do”, negatives always think about the problems. Positives always think about the solution. Negatives find faults in others and positives look for goodness. Negatives only think of what they don’t have, but positives think of their blessings. Negatives see limitations, but positives see possibilities.

Attitude is our Window

Our attitude is our window to see the world. Because we all started life with a good attitude and mental window. Children are always smiling and happy. They like to explore new things. When a kid falls while walking, he laughs, gets up, and tries one more time. He does this for weeks and months until he learns to walk. His mental window becomes clean, where he thinks he can do anything. But when life starts dirtying the mental window, then our window, by criticism of parents and teachers, the garbage of rejections, and doubts, get very dirty. We can learn to clean this mental window.

 We only need to change our attitude, so that we can see the world clearly. When we clean our mental window, we start to see a new world, and all the frustration and depression end. We become more confident. It’s our job to keep our mental window clean, not someone else’s. People can encourage us for this, but at last, only we have to do it. We always have a choice. We can keep our mental window dirty and see the world with the same attitude, or we can clear it and see a better, brighter, and sunnier life.

Hugh Downs says, a happy person is not the one who is happy by his circumstances, but the one who became happy by his attitude. To increase our potential and achieve our goals, we can apply some time-based principles to our life. By applying these principles, millions of people have gotten extraordinary results. But no principle will work without a positive attitude. In our life, success starts and ends because of our attitude. When we blend a positive attitude with these principles, we become unstoppable.

We become what we think

Earl Nightingale, who is a big success writer and a speaker, explains success in six words. We are the things we imagine. We become the things you think of. It works like this, if we think about the same goal constantly, then we can take action to achieve that goal.

Fred thinks he can earn $30,000 per year. For example, Like a human magnet, Fred will attract the work, which will be in direction of this goal. Fred will achieve his goal of $30,000 per year. If Fred thinks, “my needs are more and I need more money, and I will need $50,000 per year” if Fred just wants to earn $50,000 per year, but he doesn’t believe that he has the capacity to earn this much, then, in this case, Fred won’t reach his goal of $50,000 per year. If he constantly keeps thinking and believing that, he has the ability to earn $50,000 per year, then he can achieve this goal as well.

We become what we think is called the Law of Dominant Thought. Here, the word “I” is dominant. If we remain positive for 10 seconds and negative for the rest of the time, then we cannot expect positive results. Just like a little dieting and exercise for a few weeks can’t make us physically fit, similarly little positive thinking can’t give us positive results. A little bit doesn’t get the work done. We need to take full control of our mental activity and need to be positive every day until it becomes our habit.

We need to remember that according to the low dominant thought, our positive thought should be dominant. Here the author shares his personal example.  With the full focus for 6 months, he thought of having 2 investment houses. He used to write this goal many times, every day, and think about it over and over again and feel, that by end of the year, he will have 2 investment houses. He used to meet real estate agents on weekends and evenings, and visit thousands of houses. At the end of 1986, he bought one house, and just 2 days before the end of the year, he bought 2nd house also.

The author says that he learned from this experience that when we believe in ourselves, and keep our thoughts positive, then we can achieve our goals. If our thoughts don’t change then our results also can’t change. “Change your thinking” is an exciting move. We can change our thinking for good results. Mostly what we speak is very negative and critical. We think, “I can’t do this”, ” I always do things wrong”, these thoughts work against us. Rather we should say to ourselves, “I can do this and I will achieve my goals”.

Attitude is Everything

There are a few more steps to help us stay positive and get desired results.

 Step 1: Every day read something good and positive for 15 to 30 minutes in the morning. Reading before sleep helps a lot.

 Step 2: Every day listen to some motivational programs. We can do this by taking time while traveling to and from the house and from our work. Repetition every day is important. When we listen to such messages every day, they become part of our lives we begin to implement the ideas to improve our lives. But these audios are not helpful without action part. Don’t count on overnight success.

 Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you will get success overnight. It’s not like when you start thinking of the money, and you will get a lot of money the next morning. Success requires effort, patience, and commitment. Positive thinking doesn’t mean that there won’t be more problems later in your life. But if we believe in ourselves, and take action then we can overcome our problems. Whatever we achieve in our life, comes from our thoughts and beliefs. Picture your way to success.

 We need to first see clearly in our minds what we want. In an interview, famous singer Celine Dion was asked that had she ever thought she will be a big star? And will be performing before millions of people? She answered that achieving this wasn’t surprising for her. Because she had started to visualize this all when she was 5. Since our childhood, we have used visualization to create our circumstances. Visualization is also called the “Movie of the mind” or “Inner picture” or “Image”. We all store some images in our minds, depending on how our relationship is, how successful we are, how much will we earn, etc.,

Power of Imagination

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Create new pictures. We should create pictures in our minds in which we are very confident. That picture won’t fulfilled in one day. But with patience and focus on these mental images, we will automatically do tasks that will support these images. Write a cheque to you. One more technique can be used to become successful.

We can create a visual of whatever we want. In 1990, nobody was aware of Jim Carry who is a famous actor and comedian. Carry wrote a $10 million cheque to himself. The cheque was post-dated to 1995. Carry said that it’s not about money, but he knows that if he works with the best people, and does good work, then he can earn this money by any means. He started to get $20 million dollars for every movie in 1995. This same technique can work for you also. Write a 3-4 years post-dated cheque to yourself. Every day look at this cheque and believe that you are moving towards this goal.

 Light, Camera, Action. If we don’t create new images in mind, we will keep running old images. If old movies and old images are working for you then it’s good, but if they are dragging you backward in life, then use the incredible power of your mind and picture yourself for greater success. Make a commitment and you will move a mountain. Commitment is the essence of ultimate success. According to the author, the mantra of getting whatever you need is, the willingness to do whatever is needed to be successful. It doesn’t mean illegal, unethical things or harming others.

It is more crucial to have a positive attitude than the truth or past experience in education, financial conditions, failure, and even success. We can’t change our past. It is possible to change the fact that people behave in a certain manner. We only have to work on one thing: our attitudes. Life is only 10% of what happens to us, and 90% of how we respond to it. Be brave and follow your goals. Remember that your attitude is everything.

To know more please read the book to get complete knowledge.

Guys, Thank you very much. I hope you liked the summary of the book “Attitude is Everything”. I also hope you will implement all this in your life and get success in your professional as well as personal.

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