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Stop Overthing Book Summary

“Stop Overthinking” offers practical guidance to free your mind from excessive rumination and make confident decisions.

What exactly is “overthinking“? Overthinking occurs when you overanalyze, think, reflect and fret about specific things until it begins to affect your mental well-being because you can’t seem to stop.

Causes of Overthinking and why we need to Stop Overthinking.

There are two primary causes of anxiety that can result in excessive thinking. The first is our own thoughts. We all have a genetic predisposition to be more stressed than other people. But, the case is not that likely. It is possible that we become habitual thinking because it makes us feel that we’re somehow solving the issue that we’re pondering over. Since the thinking never stops and it’s not the case yet we believe that we’re making progress. This can become an unending cycle that could be difficult to break.

Another factor that causes anxiety is our surroundings. There are two components to this. The first is to look at the surroundings in which we spend most of our time in, such as our home and office. The way in which these areas are designed could have an enormous impact on our levels of anxiety. If they’re messy or dimly lit, and noisy and noisy, it will cause us to be more nervous. Another factor is the larger perception we experience in our social and cultural environment through our interactions with others. Experiences of the discrimination of sexism or racism can create stress and lead to increased anxiety.

Effects of Overthinking

There are numerous negative effects of overthinking. This includes mental, physical, and even social harm which can lead to long-term problems. Examples include dizziness, racing heart, fatigue-like feelings, and irritability, as well as nervousness, muscle tension, headaches, and so on.

Stop Overthinking

Stop Overthinking Book

After we’ve identified the signs of excessive thinking and what it is, we must learn how to deal with it. There are a variety of methods to relax and soothe the mind of an overthinking, anxious person which are simple and efficient.

The first thing to keep in mind is a concept known as the four steps to manage stress. They include avoiding change, accepting, and changing. To avoid something, you simply walk away from situations you cannot be in control of. Some things are not worth our lives so we need to completely avoid them. But, if we cannot get rid of it, we need to find ways to alter our surroundings to reduce the cause of stress. We need to accept if we cannot change the environment. If we are unable to alter the situation whatsoever, we need to be able to adapt and discover ways to deal with stressors and cut their negative effects to an extent.

Another popular method is journaling. If we are overthinking there are a lot of different thoughts whirling around our heads, which can seem overwhelming. But, if we write these thoughts down and analyze them, we can look back and assess whether the thoughts are actually worth our time. To get into the habit of writing to write, carry a small notebook along with you and keep a journal whenever it’s important.

About Author:

Nick Trenton grew up in the rural part of Illinois which is in the Midwestern state neighboring Indiana in the east and the river Mississippi in the west. He gained a BS in Economics and MA in Behavioral Psychology. He has written a series of books on Self-help which is the Bestseller Rank. To know more about his books check below:

  1. Anxiety is the Enemy
  2. Calm Your Thoughts
  3. The Overthinking Cure
  4. Focus Master
  5. Neuro-Happiness
  6. Dopamine Detox
  7. The Art of Self-Coaching
  8. Think in Models
  9. The Health Habit
  10. How to Find Yourself
  11. The Science of Being Lucky
  12. Find More:


The book is extremely practical and a good read. The author is straight and speaks to the point. I often find myself looking for the advice given in the book. I would highly suggest this to those who are prone to overthinking how to live their lives as well as for those who work with children. These methods mentioned in the book can reduce the stress level and they should be taught to the students in the school to better their lives of the students. Nick Trenton has done an outstanding job of explaining the details and tips in a simple to read and comprehend manner. The book provides excellent examples and strategies to combat thinking too much and is a positive and inspiring book! Anyone who is looking to overcome anxiety, stress, and overthinking ….just go through the book!

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