Can’t Hurt Me

Can’t Hurt Me

This book is about a person who suffered a lot in childhood and was abused. Had gone through mental and physical stress and suffered because of his heavy weight. David Goggin’s’ story is from an ordinary man to an extraordinary person. You Can’t Hurt me depicts the life story of David.

This book tells how self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work transformed a delicate man into America’s fittest athlete. This book chronicles the journey of overweight and depressed man to becoming a world-class athlete, inspirational military leader, and trainer.

Who is David Goggin’s?

DAVID GOGGINS, a former Navy SEAL, is a returning U.S. Army Ranger and has completed Air Force Tactical Air Controller Training. Goggin has completed over 60 ultra-marathons and triathlons. Goggin has broken a Guinness World Record with 4,030 pull-ups completed in just 17 hours.
He is also a motivational speaker and shares his story with employees at Fortune 500 companies, professional sporting teams, as well as hundreds of thousands of students all across the country.

What’s in the Can’t Hurt Me book for you?

In the book Can’t Hurt Me, David describes how he managed to create his life journey, struggle, and unstoppable mindset. David wants people to push their limits to reach their maximum ability and become extraordinary.
This book focuses on creating a winner mindset by changing people’s average mindset. If you also want to create a winner mindset and want to maximize your ability, then this book is for you.
11 chapters have been given in this book and a challenge has been given at the end of every chapter. By which you will be able to improve your life even more. So will start with the summary.

can't hurt me
Can’t Hurt Me

Chapter 1: I should have been a statistic

Goggin’s’ childhood was not like any other child’s. Like other children, they live their childhood with fun playing. But David did not get such a childhood. His father used to abuse him a lot, he lived like a slave with his father. His father was violent, he used to beat him and his mother badly on every little thing. David’s father did not consider it necessary to spend money on anything that did not benefit him personally. That’s why those people could never go to the doctor for treatment.

David’s mother was frustrated with his husband when he was eight years old. She took him to Indiana. But there his life got worse. David was the only black boy there. Everybody hated him. And always used to call him Negro and many boys used to bully him. Many times they used to point guns at him and used to beat him up.

Due to the abuse suffered at the hands of his father, David started experiencing symptoms of trauma, he started stammering. Along with this discrimination and bullying led to stress and depression. David’s hair started falling out and white patches started appearing on their skin. His confidence had fallen and he had suffered from an inferiority complex. Because of this he always started feeling sad.

Challenge 1:

You should make a daily priority list and start completing it. What’s stopping you? What excuses are you making? What problems or limitations are you facing today? Do not stop yourself, do not even try to be good to yourself. Only then will you be able to change the world if you are well-informed about all of these things.

Chapter 2: Truth Hurts

Life is difficult, it will not always be fair to you. You are the sole responsibility for whatever happens to you in your life. This will keep your life under your control.

If you think people are responsible for your failures, then you are giving control of your life to others. And this thing is dangerous for you. No one controls your life, only you are responsible for it.

When Goggin’s thought of changing his life, he started a new ritual. The ritual was that he would shave his face and head every night. He used to live real with himself, speak loudly to himself, where are he going wrong. He would set the goal and stick it in his accountability mirror, seeing the mirror he used to shave every day. So that he can hold himself responsible for his goal every day.

Fixing his bed daily, like being in the military, cutting grass, washing dishes, and shaving daily, and all these things changed his life and made him real with himself.

Try to accept honestly the strengths and weaknesses you have. You will see a fat person when you look in the mirror. So don’t say that I want to lose some weight, but first, accept yourself as you are. Now take a step towards changing yourself i.e. exercise, start running. Challenge yourself and start taking action with a purpose.

Challenge 2:

Write down your insulitis, dreams, and goals on a piece of paper and stick them in the mirror. Be clear about the changes you are looking to make and remember that there is always more to learn.

Chapter 3: The Impossible Task

David learned to feel discomfort. How does David face the accountability mirror until he meets his standard? That’s why these things kept helping him keep on track. Face-to-face accountability mirror, face to face always inspired them to fight an uncomfortable situations. He became tough and resilient and went on to achieve his goal.

We have always been hearing this from time to time. Sorrow is not good, live a life of happiness. Even after death, people wish for heaven. The bitter truth is that to go to heaven first you need to die. This is how you can learn to accept discomfort. If the iron does not heat, then how will it cast?

That’s why Goggin’s says we should love uncomfortable situations. Find some things that are difficult to do and you will become tougher by facing them. Don’t be in a comfort zone try to move out of it.

Challenge 3:

Start writing down in your journal the things you don’t like doing that make you uncomfortable. Actually, these are the things which are good for you and for your health.

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