Ikigai Book Summary

Ikigai Book – The Japanese method of living long, healthy, and enjoyable life in just 2 three words.

Everyone wants their life to be extremely long and filled with happiness. Ikigai book which came out in 2016 explains the manner in which people in Japan live their lives. The book provides each aspect of Japanese living in detail and gives you an in-depth view of the Japanese lifestyle. Particularly that island in Japan that has been inhabited by people for over a hundred years.

Who should go through this Ikigai book?

Anyone who is interested in understanding Japanese culture

People who are looking for happiness

The people who like to live to more than 100 years

About the Author

Hector is a dual citizen of Japan as well as Spain. He is thought to be the world’s leading expert on Japanese culture. The book he wrote, The Geek in Japan, has become a cult classic.  Francesc has written bestsellers such as Love in Small Letters and Wabi-Sabi.

The Japanese way of living an extended, healthy, and joyful life.

If you want to learn, there are plenty of good things which we can learn from every culture. What would not be to hold the essentials to living a long, healthy life, the meaning of life, and the peace of our minds at the same time? All of these are fundamental needs. This key’s name is Ikigai. It will take you to the three assets which are described in the prior paragraph. Everybody’s Ikigai is unique. This can be found in this book. After reading this Ikigai book, you’ll be able to understand the meaning of flow and why it is important? What keeps you fresh? What is the most valuable gift you can receive to receive?

It is crucial to be purposeful in our lives.

Who doesn’t wish to lead a balanced and fulfilling life? If there’s a secret to this, it’s revealed on Okinawa Island. This is an island located in the southern part of Japan. In this area, the number of people over 100 years of age is the highest anywhere in the world. The secret to this is Ikigai. In it the Japanese culture, Ikigai refers to the purpose of living or the drive to be productive. You could also refer to it as the pressure of your talents, passions, or profession, as well as a social obligation. Many Japanese believe that every person has an Ikigai as well as Destiny. They are also born with it.

Certain people can find their Ikigai fast, while others may take a while. If you’re in this group, continue to try because you’ll surely receive the Ikigai, which will cause you to awake each day.

The reason is that Okinawa’s people Okinawa take on their tasks with much effort and focus. The writer’s team discovered a woman working who worked in a paintbrush factory in Okinawa. He worked for a long time studying how to mix each hair on the brush to perfection. Now, she completes her work with great hygiene and skill.

Ikigai is the perfect model for people for a long, happy, and healthy life. If you’ve made your work your Ikigai, then you need not even think about retiring. If theirs is any kind of action that you always love, do not then never give up on it. People from Okinawa adhere to this rule. They continue to be active until the final years of their lives. Even when they’re forcibly retired, they will find a method or another to keep busy. For example, gardening or some other social event, etc.

Because of this strong goal, they also enjoy the benefit. The studies conducted on those who are 100 years old or old or more reveal that they are at low risk of heart disease or dementia. In the coming article, you will come to know how an active brain will keep you young and gives you a longer lifespan.

Your brain is more engaged gets, and the less strain you endure, the longer you will live.

Medical science is also aware of the notion that physical and mental health is essential to an enjoyable life. In everyday life, we are still thinking about maintaining our health. But very few make an effort to maintain the well-being of their mind. As a decrease in physical activity can harm health, a decline in mental activity can give way to a variety of problems. Particularly neural issues. It’s the reason brain exercise is equally crucial.

Neuroscientist Shlomo Breznitz also says that a key reason for the brain’s less ability to adapt with age is the fact that they don’t try to master or learn anything different. They become so used to their current routines or habits that it is not able to alter them. There are numerous kinds of activities which can be done for a healthy body. How do you work the brain? It’s actually quite simple. Mind games like chess and cards can be extremely useful.

If you leave the house to meet new people and expand your circle of friends, there isn’t more effective than this. Another key to living longevity is to stay clear of stress. Many studies show that stress can cause premature old age. Stress not only damages the cells in your body but also damages the capacity of the brain. An investigation was conducted by Heidelberg University. A very difficult job interview with the doctor. The interviewer was also presented with difficult maths problems to work through. Following that, the blood test was taken.

It was discovered that due to the pressure of interviewing, the release of antibodies was triggered into the bloodstream exactly the same way as any viral or bacterial infection. If there were truly an infection, then the focus of these antibodies would be the patient. However, these antibodies can be able to attack healthy cells and will cause more aging than normal.

Therefore, avoid anxiety as far as possible. There are a lot of activities and exercises which can increase the brain power and the strength of the body. By doing this, you feel calm and able to concentrate more on your physique and your mind. All this are these can reduce the stress level, but for the people who are facing severe stress levels, we will discuss this in the following section.

Morita therapy is a great way to ease stress. Because of the way that we lead, issues such as stress, anxiety as well as feeling confused are growing. Japan is also not the only one to experience this. But, they also have an answer. You, too, can make use of this. The idea was first discovered by Shoma Morita, an acupuncturist who was a fan of Buddhism. It was discovered that it could combat chronic anxiety, various kinds of compulsions, and obsessions. 

Morita therapy operates differently in various therapies, where the focus will be on positive thoughts. In this type of therapy, clients are taught to accept what they are by focussing on their emotions. In other words, accept what you are experiencing within your head without trying to alter it. The second step would be to birth new and positive emotions. They gradually replace the old negative emotions.

The four stages of this treatment. It begins by being completely at ease. The patient is instructed to lie in bed for one week. He is prevented from all things that could distract him. Like media, people you meet. He’s not allowed to speak much. Psychotherapists visit her on occasion and monitor her health. The patient will be instructed to just pay attention to the mind and the thoughts going on. 

A few activities are added to the next stage. He is instructed to write a diary. Walking is requested, and breathing exercises are performed. In the next phase, automatically the child’s actions are improved. In the third phase, some work that is productive, like painting, wood cutting, and even cutting, is included. The new experiences provide new ideas to the mind of the artist. The new experiences are brought to his life. The mind is always active. Joy, happiness, and even patience are integrated into it. After this, the fourth phase is initiated.

He is now back in his old life, refreshed by new perspectives, fresh experiences, and a new goal. A good night’s sleep and avoiding all distractions have positively impacted your overall health. But, to live, you need to have a reason. Let’s return to Ikigai.

Ikigai Book Points

Ikigai Book Summary

 The best way to be happy and healthy is to be active.

If you’re working on an activity that brings peace of mind, you’ll find no better gift to yourself. In this job, you’re totally immersed in not thinking about anything. You believe you can complete this job for the duration of your existence. It could be any kind of work. For example, cooking, painting or even skiing. These kinds of activities will allow you to lead a healthier life.

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi named this feeling of happiness flow. It is a situation where you engage in a task in a manner that everything else, stress, or trouble can have any impact on your mind. In fact, you have no idea when it is.

Do you remember seeing a child playing with his favorite toy? Do you know a painter who paints for children? They aren’t aware of what’s happening in their surrounding.

Instead of living a life in lavishness, make sure you give all the space for the joys of life as you can. If you are a person who spends time using social media to escape boredom, instead, you should create an activity that can be beneficial to you as well as the community at large. To reach the various purpose of life, we need to have a proper mindset. People can find their flow by playing chess, music, and sometimes even reading books. This provides an immense amount of peace, not just to the body but also to the brain. Since you’re absorbed in one particular thing for a long period of time and thoughts of the other, don’t fill your mind.

Your Ikigai, the reason for your existence, will provide you with the flow state. Even if there’s a gap, you should consider hobbies that will fill the need. There has to be some challenge or challenge to your job. If you work with ease, you’ll soon become bored. However, even if your work is challenging, you’ll be leaving the job soon after exhaustion. Therefore, you must first determine your level. If you are looking to master a language, pick a language that is slightly easier to learn and one that you like.

If you know about computers, you can upgrade them. So, you need to get to that point of flexibility. 

 They from Okinawa have plenty of helpful tips for you to follow. You’ve read some great things. However, there is more to it. Many people are living happier and longer lives. How can we live a better life than others? The people from Okinawa who have been around for over 100 years of service can give you some additional suggestions.

The first tip is to live your life with no worries and develop the habit of greeting everybody. Even if you don’t have any acquaintances with individuals, you should greet them with a smile and a welcoming heart. They believe this is how you can make friends. It is a way to become a child in the company of children. Even as you grow older, you remain in contact with them, so you never ever feel alone. So, your heart stays healthy and vibrant for the rest of your life. They also tell you what happens after you’ve gotten over the things you cannot alter? Your stress will continue going up.

Suppose you’re not satisfied with your job. It is only possible to ruin your performance if you are too involved in it. It’s better to master something new and offer the opportunity to change your career. Okinawans suggest that you develop positive habits. It is important to wake up earlier in the day. You’ll have to put in the effort to do this for a period of time. However, eventually, you’ll become accustomed to it. Its benefits are numerous, and it’s difficult to keep track of them all.

If you get up an hour earlier, think of how much work you’ll accomplish in that short time. It is possible to sip tea in a relaxed manner. The beauty of the garden as well as the home can be enhanced. It is possible to dedicate time to your hobbies.

ikigai Quote
ikigai book Quote

People from Okinawa are also of the opinion they have one of the main reasons for their longevity and health is the fact that they take care of everything by themselves. Plant vegetables, cook meals and take care of the house. People consider the bond that is based on friendship as well as belonging to be the most important thing. This is why they are in peace with their neighbors. And they spend all day with them.

There are plenty of options in Okinawan food, but portions aren’t huge.

It is estimated that the average lifespan of people in Japan is among the most advanced of any country in the world. People from Okinawa are healthier than other Japanese. This has earned Japanese food recognition all over the globe. Makoto Suzuki, a specialist in heart disease at Ryukus University, has conducted numerous studies regarding the cuisine of Okinawa people since the 70s. There is a lot of diversity in food. There are at most more than 206 kinds of food in this. It is packed with spices and herbs. Okinawa people consume five portions of vegetables and fruits daily.

Remember that there should be at least something of every hue of the rainbow on their food plate. So food will have diversification. The other food they eat is very basic. It is made up of simple items such as noodles and rice. They intake the quantity of salt and sugar to a lesser amount. When compared with the other countries of Japan, their sugar consumption is at 60 percent, and their salt consumption decreased by 50 percent. However, Japanese food is thought to be one of the healthiest foods anywhere in the world. It also takes into consideration, just like other types of food.

They suggest that you take in only the amount necessary to ensure your stomach is filled to around 80 percent. This means that you must still have some appetite left. In Japan, it’s called the Hara-Hachi bus. The most effective way is to avoid sweets fully or at least take a small portion of Okinawans serving meals on small plates. It appears that you have lots of food the front of you. In reality, the quantity of food available is much less. It is made up of snacks like vegetables, rice, soup, and beans. The people from Okinawa knew the concepts that Modern Science understood after so much research and studies.

We all know the word calorie consumption which is also called calorie intake. Also, we are aware of the drawbacks of eating more calories. The people from Okinawa have taken charge of the issue for quite a while. By reducing the intake of calories, you can maintain the amount of a protein known as insulin at a low level. Aging accelerates because of its excessive levels. In other words, maintaining it at a low level is, in fact advancing your age.

In order to rejuvenate your body, it is important to get antioxidants in the foods you consume.

The concept of superfoods has transformed the way that people view food. These items are also found in Japanese cuisine, too. Green tea is the first. It’s a great source of antioxidants. It was discovered from research that studies show green tea can help greatly in extending longevity. The leaves of green tea are dried in the air. It’s never fermented. Due to this, the nutrients and oxidants in it are not eliminated. Green tea decreases bad cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels and blood flow. It helps to prevent infection.

The inhabitants of Okinawa can increase the benefits of this drink by adding jasmine. This is because the heart and immune system are stronger. However, not everyone is a fan of green tea. It is possible to substitute white tea for it. It’s better in comparison to green tea. This is the case with drinks. The citrus fruit Shikuwasa is extremely popular in food. The juice is so bitter that you can’t drink it with water without adding it. It’s a powerful antioxidant known as nobiletin.

It can also be found in citrus fruits such as citrus fruits and lemons. However, it is nobiletin that’s presently found in the shikuwasa that can be up to 40% more than the number of oranges. In Okinawa, the food is a component of many dishes and is eaten as baked. It is also baked in a position to adjust to eating it immediately. You can instead eat other foods that are high in oxidation, such as salmon, broccoli, strawberries, and Apricots.

Being active in your body is crucial, even if it’s just walking. You’ve probably met an elderly person whose enthusiasm and vitality don’t seem to show any impact from age. The reason could be the fact that he’s been physically active throughout his lifetime. It is actually necessary that the body remains in movement. There is no restriction on doing intense exercises to achieve this. This can at least be proved from the look of the inhabitants of Okinawa. The people who live there are very active in their neighborhoods. Maintain your garden.

Additionally, they also love the karaoke bars. In other words, instead of doing any hard work, they are often engaged in light activities. If you still don’t think that it is beneficial, take a look at it in the light of the latest science. In the year 2014, the medical scientist Brigid Schulte conducted research. It was discovered that if you do nothing but sit all day long and your health is affected severely. The metabolism slows down only after sitting in the chair for about half an hour. Fat digestion is affected, and the amount of good cholesterol declines.

However, if every half-hour you can walk even for five minutes, then will all be fine? However, a large portion of working professionals doesn’t focus on it. Radio Taiso is also included in the lives of Okinawa residents. Okinawa. It is nothing more than the normal way to warm up. It can be performed in the morning or any time during the day. People usually are in groups and have a gathering at a location like an office, school, or their homes. Earlier, it was broadcast / Telecast via radio. Due to this, the radio channel has added the name. Today, most people are connected through a connection to a TV or on the internet. It offers very easy exercises. Similar to normal stretching, movement of joints, etc. It is true that even if you are doing moderate exercise, it must be performed frequently. This is the premise of those who practice this.


The way you eat and live affects your health and makes you age the most. If you have a clear goal in your life which motivates you, then you can enjoy your life happily.

What do I do?

Accept the imperfections. Accept the imperfections. In Japanese tradition, it’s considered that perfection is more beautiful. For example, a broken glass. This idea is known as “wabi-sabi. By using it, you can live your life with more joy. It is more beneficial to accept the world with its flaws than spend your time and energy trying to achieve the perfect. This way, you’ll enjoy an extended life because you are more energetic and less anxious.

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