I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh


I Too Had a Love Story.


I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh – The debut novel of well-known Indian English writer Ravinder Singh ‘I too had a love story’ was published in 2008 by Shrishti publishers and republished in 2012 by Penguin India. This book has remained in the bestsellers list, even after 6 years of publication. This novel is based on a real-life event that happened with Ravinder Singh, the author. This story is about two people Ravin and Khushi who are looking forward to getting married. Their parents have been pushing them towards getting into an engagement or wedding soon. They sign up on a web matrimonial site and as fate would have it; they meet and fall in love. They decide to get married. Ravin goes to Delhi to meet Khushi and they are very happy. Both the families are very pleased with the relationship and they are about to be engaged. But destiny had other plans. A day before their engagement, something bad happens. Their lives are not the same anymore. Destiny is something we can never change, what we can do is make better choices. After that tragic incident, how do their lives turn out to be? Do they stay together? Are they safe? You will find out all once you finish this captivating tale of love, loss, and destiny. In the world we live today, love has got much complicated. This story unravels the concept of love for us in the simplest of manner. The author manages to keep the readers on their toes by maintaining a full arc of narration throughout the book. In the end, readers are left wondering how it feels to lose your love or find one. In the digital world, finding love has changed its ways and maybe keeping them is different as well, but the question remains- Is love the same thing or the concept of us has changed with these ever-evolving generations. What was that incident and how their fate unfolded is a tale which won the hearts of thousands of people across India, making it a bestseller for six years. Former Infosys chief Narayan Murthy had reviewed the book as a sweet, simple and honest tale of modern-day love. Buy it at Amazon.in now

About the Author

Ravinder Singh is a young Indian author who has written five books of fiction. The first one ‘I too had a love story’ was an adaptation of his real-life story. He has a B.Tech and an MBA degree. He worked in Infosys for five years but later quit becoming a full-time writer. Some of his other works include ‘Can Love Happen Twice’, ‘ Your Dreams are Mine Now’ and ‘tell me a story’ among others.

Books by the Author

I Too Had a Love Story – 2007
Can love happen twice? – 2011
Love Stories That Touched My Heart – 2012
Like it Happened Yesterday – 2013
Your Dreams Are Mine Now – 2014
Tell me a story – 2015
This Love that feels Right – 2016
Will, You Still Love Me – 2018
The Belated Bachelor Party – 2019

I Too Had a Love Story.